Photo by Liene Pavlovska

Līga Spunde (1990, Riga) graduated in 2016 from the Department of Visual Communication of the Latvian Art Academy. Her works are multimedia installations, where personal stories are closely intertwined with a carefully constructed fiction. The interpretations and use of recognizable characters serve as an extension of her personal experiences, tapping into general truths. Usually, the content of the work determines the physical form of the conception, so a variety of media and materials are used in the installations.

Līga Spunde has participated in various exhibitions and art projects in Latvia and internationally: Being Safe Is Scary, Survival Kit 11 (2020, Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga), When Hell Is Full, the Dead Will Walk the Earth (2019, Kim? Contemporary art center, Riga), Melos (2019, Creative Art Space, Arsenāls, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga), Champs- Élysées (2019, Gallery 427, Riga), Interlude in cooperation with Alvis Misjuns (elephant stables of the Riga Circus, KVADRIFONS, Riga), Screen Age I: Self-Portrait (2018, Riga Photography Biennial, RMT, Riga), NNN (2017, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga), Free French Fries (2017, Gallery Komplot, Belgium), Disappearance is a trick (2016, Fotopub Festival, Slovenia).