Kā skan, tā atskan

Group exhibition at No Moon, New York
November 26 – December 21, 2019

Together with Kaspars Groševs, Philip Hinge, Emma Pryde, Joe Speier, Hanna Umin, Amanda Ziemele

Curated by Marta Trektere

Photos by Philip Hinge

No Moon is pleased to present Kā skan, Tā atskan*, an exhibition curated by Marta Trektere which brings together paintings and sculptures by a group of young artists based in Latvia and the United States.
*The title is in Latvian and translates roughly to It echoes how It sounds.

A Resolution Made In Bryant Park

Maple syrup on my potato pancakes
Don’t you know who I am?

I have never been to Europe
I hear an underlying velvet drone as if John Cale was still playing with La Monte Young
But a line must be drawn somewhere

The swing of a suspended lens
Ideally distant
It’s transparent to a basis
Which has a disappearance of it’s own

Three fine nudes in an evening sky
Each with a different colored ribbon
You’re measuring inches
Paneer ambient. Rice drone.

Reverb through my ears
Reversed drum beats and a small knocking on a teapot of sorts
The crippling sound of Genesis
I might stop now or could go on forever.
-Marta Trektere

It’s a Match!, digital drawing, 2019, 118x84cm

Kā skan, tā atskan, exhibition view, No Moon, New York, USA, 2019. Photos by Philip Hinge

The Flame I, exhibition view, coloured soft polyurethane foam, 2019

The Flame I, exhibition view, coloured soft polyurethane foam, 2019