Liga Spunde

My twin grannies

Twin song  lyrics

One look, but double power,

Double power for everything we say and do.

What`s better  - To be two but one and the same or to be one who has a magical voice, which makes to feel special everyone who hears?!

What's the point? Which gained?

Would the world lose its peace, if you and me would become one just for a day ?!

don`t know…

To make a fair change, we have to go to Rainis*,

Cause, only someone with glory and honor had for some time

can help us for  successful exchange.

I am sorry , but you will be given

The risk exists, but back then this did not disappoint.

Maybe you would not notice,

Maybe it would destroy the earth.

At the table one in  two places I will eat for you too



*Rainis - famous latvian poet, 20th century

Twin song

musical  performance, video, 3:48min

In this project I was interested in the possibilities of visualizing sound. How do we see what we hear and how do we hear what we see ?

twins - two people who look like one person. So one can be seen, but two can be heard.

Based on this revelation and  inspired by Eurovision, I wrote this song and made this video.

The idea can be understood  primarily through the lyrics of the song, but if you listen carefully, you can hear that the main theme song is being sung in two voices, poly-phonically.

I was inspired to make this project by a visit to see my grandmother and her sister, who are also twins. In this short video you can see a common conversation between me and my twin grannies. During the conversation each of the twins has something to add to what the other one is saying, leaving the impression that I'm speaking to one person instead of two. But when I ask them provocatively whether they would like to participate in a TV show, both grannies answer the same thing at the same time. The poly-phonical answer serves as an approval of my idea.

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