Liga Spunde

People I don`t want to meet, 2012

Video installation, 9:49 min , loop

dimensions of object: 40 x 50 x 30 cm

The installation is based on a phrase from a conversation between me and my friend Amanda. We were discussing the best way how to avoid being caught without a ticket in a bus.

“If you don’t want to meet someone try to envisage  him standing at the other side of an imaginary waterfall ”, said Amanda

 This advice was taken into account, and used over and over again. In fact, every time I tried to imagine someone behind a waterfall, I had to reinvent the landscape around it. I would always imagine a gorgeous, tropical environment, where all of the people that I didn't want to see that day, would stand on the other side of a huge waterfall. It was the kind of waterfall you can only see in foreign and exotic countries.

Installation consists of a framed picture of a waterfall within a tropical landscape and a video behind it. While making this installation I was inspired by the light boxes and colourful paintings with exotic landscapes that are made in China.

By trying to reproduce an idea of richness, they stand out with their exaggerated plastic splendour. In reality these objects leave only the impression of something cheap and fake. The idea of a waterfall as a solution for unsuccessful relationships feels just like this idea of cheaply imitating luxury.

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