Līga Spunde

Past / present / future

Installation, 2013

Three time periods, three directions, three relationships, three rotations.

The installation is created following the latest fashion trends. It is a fragile construction that is composed of seemingly incompatible materials, elements and substances. It does not even try to explain the unexplainable because it is clear that we are facing three fundamentally different subjects, and their only common ground is the process – what was, is and will be.

The installation is formed by two projections that represent the past and the future and a construction which consists of several elements that are under construction, thus symbolizing the present. The present is signified by slime – it is an unexplainable substance that stretches to be even longer and longer, and it is also signified by a photo (snapshot). But the third rotation and the answer to the question on “what is now” is the central element of the installation – a French fry maker. It rotates next to the past and the future, and it also influences hunger in this time and space – which is NOW.

Built with Berta.me

Liga Spunde ©