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Hope I won't get bored in heaven 

2 photographs (1366 x 1962 mm, 816 x 1040 mm), 2 fabric print-outs 3000 x 3000 mm, 2150 mm x 1200 mm ), 1 towel print-out (1400 mm x 700 mm), 1 painted sculpture (polyester filler, acrylic, 700mm x 1680mm)

"State Fire and Rescue Service warns everyone that during a storm it is strictly forbidden to go on piers. Since the stones of the pier are slippery, a person can easily fall into water because of the waves, strong wind and slippery stones. It is virtually impossible to get out of the water on one’s own, and due to the low temperature of the water hypothermia can occur."

This project is a visual retelling of experiencing an unenviable situation and getting out of it two times in a row. The story is based on a accident which I remember  relatively often when trying to understand the correlation between success, failure, coincidence, fate and undetectable conditions that determine it all."

It was October 14, 2009, when we went to the pier to experience the upcoming autumn storm that promised to be particularly strong. The storm was truly impressive, and our enthusiasm about it grew stronger, until we were in the middle of the pier and a powerful wave pulled us into the sea where we were thrown against the rocks and concrete blocks. We were drowning and a couple of minutes passed in the fight for catching our breath. Due to a lucky coincidence, we all managed to get out of the water. Wet, injured and cold we walked three kilometers in the dark to the nearest house to ask for help.

  People we met reacted very quickly, and we immediately had dry clothes and warm drinks.

 The next day, we returned to thank them. Along with the clothes we borrowed, we gave them a small gift and heartfelt words of gratitude, but obviously it was not enough. In the same evening I got a call from an unknown number, and the person on the phone said: "After your departure my aunt can’t find her golden necklace anymore."

 And so began the second stage of the story - blackmail and threat of serious physical revenge because of things that most likely have never belonged to any of the involved persons.

 It took a quite long time until everything calmed down and these people just got tired of this fake drama.

This series of works is created without ignoring the present position, but using it as the distance between the events of the past, highlighting subjectivity, exaggeration, distortion of reality and loss of information, all of which is characteristic to retelling as a format.

The focus is on portrait depictions of the story in two stages: vulnerability and invulnerability while fighting disasters and the subsequent events - the blackmail about the lost golden necklace.

Series are made while being ​​aware of the absurdity of the situation and emphasizing the characteristics of youth - fearlessness, lightheadedness, cheerfulness and maximalism.

 the only documentation of the story, Me after visiting the pier

 the only documentation of the story, Me after visiting the pier

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