Līga Spunde

Free French Fries


30/06/2017 - 01/07/2017


Chaussée de Forest 90 Vorstesteenweg1060 Brussels

Curated by Komplot


One harsh winter when fishing the pikes and trouts was unlikely. Small fish-shaped potato slices thrown to the boiling oil instead. What else entered the mesh and could be eaten has remained unknown. Invented in the early 17th Century in the country’s South, Namur. Now well-known in any latitude, although the very true ones produced in thousands of open-air frietkots/friteries. The cues of ravenous expats and tourists following the unfolding aroma of fried crispy tiny wedges. Locally sourced, non-GMO products, deep fried in premium vegan oils, high temperature but no acrylamide. Greasy but no beef tallow included. Hideously appetising, shredded, sliced in the shape of stakes. Ideally aureate and crispy longitudinal potato pieces straight from the non-polluted Latvia.

Text by Romuald Demidenko

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