Līga Spunde



2014 - 2016     Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Visual Communication MA

2015                 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Department of In situ3, Antwerp, Belgium

2010 - 2014    Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Visual Communication BA

2007 - 2010   Janis Rozentals Riga Art School, Department of Multi-media and Photography design



Group exhibition, "Black market", Kim? Contemporary art center, Riga, Latvia, Curated by Kaspars Groševs

Group exhibition, "ISSPPP X + X", ISSP Gallery, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition, "Kā skan, tā atskan", No Moon, New York, USA, Curated by Marta Trektere

Solo show “When Hell Is Full, the Dead Will Walk the Earth”, Kim? Contemporary art center, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition, “Champs-Élysées”, 427 gallery, Riga, Latvia, Curated by Marta Trektere and Kaspars Groševs

Resident at Low gallery, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition, “ENTER”, Domu kulture Studentski grad, Belgrade Photo Month, Belgrade, Serbia

Group exhibition, “Melos, Arsenals, LNMM, Riga, Latvia

Solo show in collaboration with Alvis Misjuns,  “Interlude”, KVADRIFRONS, Riga Circus, LV

Group exhibition, “Screen Age I: Self-Portrait”, Riga Photography Biennal, Rigas Art Space, LV

Group exhibition, “Looking outside, looking inside”, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, LV

Group exhibition, “NNN”, LNMM, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition, “Pit stop on the way to dancing with cosmic forces”, Kensington High St, W14 8NZ, London, UK, Curated by Marta Barina

Solo show, ‘‘What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this / PART I”, Fotopub, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Solo show, "Free French Fries", Komplot, Brussels, Belgium, Curated by Komplot

Duo show in colloboration with Klāvs Mellis, “How a well-known local art historian called me fat when I was nine years old”, Low Gallery, Riga, Latvia, Curated by Maija Kurševa

Group exhibition, "Blocker", Alma gallery, Riga, Latvia, 

Group exhibition, Start Point prize, Arti et Amiciatae, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Group exhibition, "Meet Me at The Metro Station", Amsterdam, Netherlands, Curated by Romuald Demidenko

Group exhibition, "Piezīmes par pašsaprotamām lietām", LNMM, Riga

Group exhibition, Start Point prize, Prague, Czech Republic

Group exhibition, Estonian Photographic Art Fair, Tallinn, Estonia, Curated by Rundum

Group exhibition "Ancient relics", in collobration with Jānis Klaučs, Barcelona, Spain

Group exhibition "Disappearance is a trick" during Fotopub festival, Novomesto, Slovenia, Curated by Elaine Tam

Solo show "The Hike" / "Pārgājiens", RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia

Group exhibition "Paintings and Sculptures" during Riga Photomonth 2016, Riga

Group exhibition /06-16/, Riga

Group exhibition "Apceres apstākļi", Riga, Curated by Elīna Sproģe

Group exhibition "S", Riga         

Group exhibition "VAIRĀK VAIRĀK", Riga, Latvia



2017            Portfolio Review Dusseldorf, Visitors Award

2016            Start Point Prize, The honorary mentions of the jury

2016            Fotopub Portfolio Prize

2014            Mecenātes Ināras Teterevas stipendija mākslā



2019            “Win-Win” Kim? Docs II

2019            “Paperweight vol.1”, Paperweight editions

2018            “JEZGA magazine”, nr1

2018            “Popper” / zine “Win-Win”

2018            “Latvian photography 2018”, KultKom, 2018

2018            “Temple magazine - Winners”, nr3

2017            "Much better", Low Gallery

2017            "Szum", nr17

2017            "Popper" / "Blocker"

2016            "Popper" / "Ancient relics"

2016            "Popper" / zine "Cyber bum I "

2015            "Popper" / "Interdimension" 

2015            "Popper" / "Above the ground", 10/2015 

2014            "Studija", 97/2014, august/september,

2013             Ena Rola Filma, 4th issue  "On images and Photographs",

2012             EIN Lab magazine , Issue  “It’s not good enough",








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