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"Melos" at Arsenals, LNNM, Riga

"Boy meets girl" for "MELOS" at Arsenals

The next project "The Pleasure of hating" is coming soon

In collaboration with amazing Alvis Misjuns and KVADRIFRONS we are working on something very cool - 'Interlude' is going to be exhibited at VSIA Rīgas Cirks Elephants hall this October. Here are some sketches.



On the day when Stephen Hawking died, not only a wonderful human, a brilliant scientist and a remarkably witty mind was lost, but also my cat, who happened to die on the same day. Even though I feel truly sorry about Stephen Hawking, I felt incomparably greater sadness about my cat. They both not only had a successful and far longer life than it could have been expected, but also neither of them won a Nobel prize in physics, which, in Stephen Hawking’s case, can be explained by the fact that it is too complicated to prove theoretical cosmology in practice.

On the day when Michael Jackson died, also my dog died. Even though I feel truly sorry about Michael Jackson, I still feel far greater sadness about my dog. Despite the turbulent events of Michael Jackson’s last years – accusations, bankruptcy of Neverland and health problems -, in his lifetime he received both admiration of his listeners and an impressive collection of awards, including 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 16 World Music Awards, 39 Guinness World records, MTV Award, Popcorn Magazine Award, Angel Award etc.

In 2002, when Michael Jackson received the Magic Life Award, my dog participated in his first and last dog show, in the puppy category for his breed. Even though his participation in the show was not our choice, as it is an unspoken rule when you get a dog with a breed certificate and an Italian Greyhound club card, no one in our family really bothered with training the dog for walking in the ring and practicing the correct posture. Instead, we preferred petting and pampering him. But the dog show inevitably approached. It seems – this is the day my family still remembers with mixed feelings. Even though during his performance the dog escaped the leash, peed on the edge of the ring and bit a judge when he had to demonstrate the correct posture and show his teeth, he was acknowledged as a prospective dog and received an award for being the most beautiful Italian Greyhound in his category (younger than 6 months). In the same year my older sister, who usually brought home various medals and cups from ballroom dance competitions, participated in a ballroom dance summer camp and brought home a white fabric ribbon – on this ribbon there was a blurry text, written with a blue marker – MISS EROTICA 2002. I was 12 then and thought that this title was a good reason to tease my sister, who was two years older, until my mom intervened, explaining that the ribbon is a compliment.

Another unforgettable childhood memory is the TV channel PIZZA TV that once did an episode on Guinness World Records. I was particularly impressed by a lady with the longest fingernails in the world. When I think about her, I hear the song You spin me around by Dead or Alive. The title for longest fingernails belongs to an American woman Lee Redmond, who started growing her nails in 1979. To me this was far more impressive than the music video for Dead or Alive’s song – I remember the world’s longest fingernails forming seemingly endless spirals around their owner, and the owner herself complaining about the amount of nail polish used. Significantly, after 30 years of purposefully growing nails and exactly at the moment when she set a new world record and received a new award, and when the length of nails most likely exceeded 8.65 m (registered in 2008), Lee Redmond had a car crash and lost her nails, but still retained the title. Although I can only imagine how painful it is to lose the world’s longest fingernails, I am certain that it equals the sadness I felt in those days when Stephen Hawking and Michael Jackson died.

"Hope You're doing well"

"Hope You're doing well"

A sketch for an installation`What's a girl like you doing in a place like this` 

A sketch for an installation`What's a girl like you doing in a place like this` 

Emotion thugs

Emotion thugs

"Blocker" exhibition view

"Blocker" exhibition view

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    "Blocker" exhibition view

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"Piepildījums / Get Fit in the Park" 2016

Mock-up for an object in public space

Get Fit in the Park

text by Helēna Demakova

In this work, the artist tackles the relationship between the sculpture and the pedestal.
On a pedestal, we find an object, which resembles a garden urn, while the negative form of the urn has been created within the pedestal. The sculpture concurrently highlights the wholeness of material and form, i.e., a uniform whole, which can have many variations.
Thus, the artist refers to both classical principles of creating form in sculpture, as well as to domestic processes in cooking. 
She explains that, “In essence, the negative form of the sculpture on the inside of the pedestal makes this work cyclical. The work becomes renewable, as it can be filled and emptied again and again, just like one’s appetite, which arises through eating.
In thinking about appetite as a cyclical process, there is an evident parallel in that the garden urn has been created by combining cake, pie and other silicon forms used in cooking.
The conceptual track of the work incorporates not only the aforementioned forms, functions and procedural relationships, but also a universal quality like “being uniform in one’s diversity”, which is visible in the work through the possibility it offers to literally create any object using another one; in this case, a garden urn.”

"Disappearance is a trick" /  2016

Structures I, II, III

Digital print on stickers, joke sticky hands

Group show "Disappearance is a trick" during Fotopub festival, Novomesto, Slovenia

Artists: Oliver HickmetNoot.clubLiga SpundeJack WestJuan de Porras Isla

Curated by Elaine Tam


“I would like to give you flowers but you don't inspire me”

“I would like to give you flowers but you don't inspire me”

The Hike

Videos I made together with my friends - Reinis Semēvics, Ieva Ivane and Oskars Veilands


The Waterfall, 2015

Silk screen / installation


"Confusion somewhere in the middle"

Illustrations for illustration magazine "Popper"  upcoming edition,


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